NEST facilitates access to a variety of training or skills upgrading programs linked to identifiable employment opportunities.

Group Training

Once we understand that there is a real demand for a specific type of labour, NEST is able to host group or cohort training to connect Nisga’a citizens with the opportunity.

Some examples of Group training include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Safety Officer
  • Basic Security
  • Chain Saw Safety
  • Building Service Worker
  • Emergency Medical Responder.

These types of training are hosted in consultation with a variety of stakeholders depending on the specific program required.

For group training within your organization please see “Workplace training” 

Workplace Training

From time to time an employer may require 2 or more employees to acquire or upgrade training and skills as a result of changing requirements at the work site.

If an employee does not complete the required training, they may risk being layed-off, reassigned or even have their employment terminated. After review and assessment, NEST can design or coordinate appropriate training to fill identified skills gaps and ensure Nisga’a citizens retain employment.

Workplace training applications are considered and assessed based on the need to retain existing employment.

To request workplace training please send an e-mail to with “Workplace Training Request” in the subject line. Please include your contact information, estimated number of participants and deadline for the required training in the body of your e-mail.

Trades Training

Bootcamps offer on the job training, certificates and life skills training that can lead to employment.

Bladerunners is an employment and skills training program that helps youth take control of their futures so they can find meaningful employment.


Career and College Prep (CCP) allows participants to complete adult dogwood (equivalent to a Grade 12 high school diploma), prepare for future career opportunities and retake courses in order to improve upon their grades. This program helps adult learners complete prerequisites in order for them to enter many post-secondary programs.