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Wage Subsidies

A Targeted Wage Subsidy helps cover part of an employee’s wage for a specific amount of time.  The program facilitates on-the-job work experience for Nisga’a citizens by encouraging employers to hire those who face barriers to employment, and provide training and supervision to develop employees on the job.

Program Objective

Targeted Wage Subsidies help Nisga’a individuals who face “barriers to employment/are experiencing difficulty finding work” through temporary wage subsidies provided to the employers that hire them. This creates opportunities to enhance skills on the job and improve long-term employability.

When using NEST’s targeted wage subsidy program employers gain an employee with support resources and a wage subsidy to bridge the training period (generally the first three months). Realizing a savings on training costs, employers acquire an asset in the form of a productive employee supported by NEST employment services (when needed as required).

Who can apply?

The following organizations are eligible to provide work experience and receive funding as sponsors through this program:

  • Village Governments
  • Health Authorities
  • Businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Crown corporations
  • Municipalities or provincial / territorial governments
  • Public health and educational institutions

Financial Benefits

The individual needs of the participant, the quality of the work experience and other factors will be considered in determining the duration and rate of wage subsidy.

To be eligible, a business or organization must:

    1. Be in business for at least one year;
    2. Have a position to fill that is a normal part of your ongoing business operations;
    3. Confirm that no workers will be laid off as a result of the new placement;
    4. Offer a full-time position (minimum of 35 hours per week), and offer the likelihood of long-term employment;
    5. Pay reasonable competitive wages for the position; and,
    6. Have a Business Number, and be compliant with Employment Standards, Workers Compensation, the Income Tax Act, and Employment Insurance

The prospective employer must:

  1. Complete and sign (by authorized signatory) the Targeted Wage Subsidy agreement
  2. Agree to provide financial and activity reports to NEST as they relate to the position.
  3. Agree to provide a safe, respectful working environment for NEST client
  4. Agree to provide meaningful, productive employment (for term or full time permanent)

The NEST Targeted Wage Subsidy program is a win-win scenario for both the prospective employee and the prospective employer. It creates a space where the employee and employer can build a positive foundation for learning, productivity and sustainable employment success.

Job Matching

From time to time you may need some assistance finding a job that suits your skills and abilities. NEST is connected to many employers through agreements and networking with Nisga’a and non-Nisga’a businesses locally and regionally.

Working with you, NEST can ensure that your resume is viewed by the employers that are looking for your skills and abilities.

When requested and appropriate, NEST forwards batches of resumes on file to those employers seeking a particular set or combination of skills.

If you have an employment opportunity, contact us to begin identifying the right candidates. Depending on your needs, we may share your opportunity through the NEST Connects system.

Workplace Training

From time to time an employer may require 2 or more employees to acquire or upgrade training and skills as a result of changing requirements at the work site.

If an employee does not complete the required training, they may risk being layed-off, reassigned or even have their employment terminated. After review and assessment, NEST can design or coordinate appropriate training to fill identified skills gaps and ensure Nisga’a citizens retain employment.

Workplace training applications are considered and assessed based on the need to retain existing employment.

To request workplace training please send an e-mail to kailanim@nigaa.net with “Workplace Training Request” in the subject line. Please include your contact information, estimated number of participants and deadline for the required training in the body of your e-mail.


To optimize our resources, we want to prioritize building partnerships with training and skills development organizations that offer relevant, demand-driven, proven, and accredited/laddered training as needed to our clients.

Partnership proposals or requests can be directed to the Manager, Nisga’a Employment Skills & Training, garyp@nisgaa.net or by calling one of our offices below.