About NEST

Since the beginning – Nisga’a People have worked in harmony with the season, the availability
of resources, using collective wisdom, experience, our culture and determination. We’ve worked to fill our nets, our traps, our smokehouses, our preserves. This was our sustenance.

Today we apply the same wisdom, experience, dedication and our culture to employable skills and training. We still work in harmony with our beautiful Valley while being administrators, healthcare providers, accountants, laborers, geo-scientists, tourism guides, drivers, artisans, counsellors, designers, customer service representatives, surveyors, lawyers, teachers and the list goes on.

Nisga’a people and the Nisga’a Nation continue to sustain, thrive and succeed in our rapidly developing economy.

At Nisga’a Employment, Skills and Training (NEST) we care about and guide our most valuable resource – Nisga’a People.

Our goal is your employment success.

We will guide you as you develop your employment plan. We’ll provide you with the one-on-one support that you may need as you prepare for employment. We will support you whether you are seeking your first job, or wanting to improve your skill set at your current job, or are at any point between.

We will identify resources, tools or needs that are suitable for you so that you may succeed in finding and keeping meaningful employment. NEST bridges Nisga’a citizens to meaningful, rewarding employment.

Using a three-pillar approach, NEST Employment Advisors work with prospective employers and Nisga’a citizens to find meaningful and demand driven employment.

NEST is funded by the Government of Canada’s ASETS program

NEST is a program for the Nisga’a Lisims Government